Flameproof Enclosure for CCTV Camera Model-KH05

Model: KH05

Cat No. KK/CCTV/2005/D-IIC
Standards Applied : IS/IEC: 60079-0: 2004
IS/IEC: 60079-1: 2007
IS/IEC: 60529: 2001

Flameproof, Weatherproof Enclosure with wiper assembly consists of following;

1. Main Enclosure for housing CCTV camera, lens and if necessary Heater Blower kit (Optional)
2. Wiper Enclosure which encloses assembled wiper motor & its mechanism.

Main Enclosure :

CCTV Camera and Lens is installed on the platform provided inside the Enclosure. This enclosure has cable entries from the rear Flange and these are terminated inside the enclosure on a Terminal Block. Maximum Two nos. of cable entries are permitted and these are sufficient to wire all the equipment mounted inside. On the Front cover Toughened Glass is fixed with the cement. Provision is made for mounting Wiper Enclosure over the main enclosure. All the Joints of the Front & Rear Covers with the body are spigotted and Flamepath of 25 mm is maintained along the joints. Diametrical clearance between the joints is maintained at 0.1mm as required. Cable entries Flame path is also maintained at 25 mm. The base of the Enclosure is suitable for mounting it on Pan & Tilt Head Platform OR on the Fixed Bracket if it is a requirement.

Wiper Enclosure :

SS (Stainless Steel) Grade-316 seamless Pipe of Wall thickness 4 mm is used for making the cylindrical housing and SS Grade-316/304 Sheet plates are used of thickness 4 mm , 1.5 mm & 1 mm at appropriate places.

Toughened Glass of 150mm dia & 10 mm thickness is used as viewing window for CCTV camera.

This enclosure can be installed on the Flameproof, explosion proof & weatherproof Pan & Tilt Head for its movement and more scanning area. It can be installed directly also where movement of the camera is not required and very limited area is required to be scanned.

Overall Dimensions :

Main Enclosure :
Rear Flange Dia
Flange Dia
Wiper Enclosure Length :
Rear Flange Dia
Front Flange Dia
175 MM Front
175 MM
Assembly Dimensions:
Length 535 MM Width 225 MM Height- 415 MM
Wiper Motor:
230 V A.C./24 V.A.C. Consumption 25Watts(Max)
Weight of Assembly:
Main & Wiper Enclosures- 35 Kg.

Suitable for Hazardous Area Gas Group-IIC, Zone-1 & 2