EM70(Ht) Pan & Tilt Head For High Temp. Environment

Model: EM-70 (HT)


Model EM-70 (HT)
Pan Angle / 350 Degrees
Tilt Angle + - /90 Degrees
Back Lash /6 Degrees
Speed Pan /6  Degrees per Sec.
Tilt  /6  Degrees per Sec.
Torque Pan - 300 Kg. CM at 1 RPM
Tilt - 600 Kg. CM at 1 RPM
Over Run None
Supply Voltage 240 V. AC 50 Hz.
Connections through 6 core cable
Construction Main Body – Aluminium Casting
Cover - M.S. Sheet Fabricated
Platform- Cast Iron & Cast Aluminum  (In two Parts)  Or in One part in Alum casting depending
Upon Enclosure
Finish - Dimond White/ Siemens Grey -Matt Finish
Power Consumption 250 Watts Max. (Total when Panning & Tilting together)
Load capacity 25 Kg. Balanced
Overall Dimensions

240 MM(Height) X 235 MM(Width) X 295 MM (Depth)
(Overall Dimensions likely to change by 10mm + OR - to improve design)

Mounting Wall Mount on the bracket  OR Pedestal  Mount

Suitable for Mounting Water Cooling Jacket, Weatherproof enclosure, in CCTV System for Housing Camera & Lens of any type

Motor Specifications

Synchronous Motors Two nos. 240V. 50Hz.
Torque, Panning- 10Kg.CM, Tilting.  - 20 Kg. CM.  Motors Totally Enclosed,
Phase Splitting by RC Network.

Operating Temp 0 - 120 Deg.