Flameproof Enclosure for Dome CCTV Camera Model-KDC06-1

Model: KDC06-1

Cat No. KK/KDC06-1/08/A
Model KDC 06-1
Drg No. KK/KDC06/08/01
Type No. KK/DMC/01


Indian Standards to which JUNCTION BOX Complies in respect of:-

Indian/IEC  standards to which the enclosure  complies IS: 2148 (2004)/IEC:  60079 (2001)   AS TO ITS FLAMEPROOF CONSTRUCTION
For Gas Group-I, IIA, IIB ZONE -2

Material of Construction :

Lm-6 Aluminium Alloy Casting.
Toughened Well Glass

Cable Entries :

4 Nos. Cable Gland Entries Et ¾” is Provided For the Terminations of the Cables.

Overall Dimensions :

Height : 460 MM x Ø 325MM (Dia at the Centre)
Inside Room Available For Ptz Dome Camera Height 300mm X Ø (Dia) 170mm

Introduction :

Falameproof, Explosion proof, Weatherproof PTZ DOME CAMERA ENCLOSURE is used in potentially hazardous areas where ordinary PTZ Dome camera cannot be installed. The PTZ Dome camera operates without any loss of signal clarity and its coverage while panning and tilting or zooming the lens in and out. It is easy to install Dome camera inside the enclosure and servicing is easy whenever required. A separate Mounting Bracket is provided for mounting the Enclosure.

Application :

Flameproof, Explosion proof, weatherproof Dome camera enclosure is used in potentially hazardous areas where normal Dome cameras cannot be used directly exposing the environment, like, Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Oil Mines, Coal Mines, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants, Ordnance Factories etc ;