JB2000-IIC Flameproof Junction Box (Gas Group-IIC)

Model: JB 2000 IIC

Cat. No. KK/JB/D/401-IIC
Model.   JB/2000-IIC
Drg. No. KK/CCTV/JB/D/401-IIC


Indian Standards to which JUNCTION BOX Complies in respect of:-

IS/IEC 60079-0: 2004
IS/IEC 60079-1: 2007
IS/IEC 60529: 2001

Material of Construction of the Junction Box: LM-6 Aluminum Alloy Casting.

Overall Assembly Dimensions :

Height : 175 MM
Weight : 512 MM
Depth : 512 MM
Opening Dia : 476 MM
Weight : 39 kg.

Applications : Suitable for using in CCTV system for enclosing Receiver Driver Unit of the CCTV Camera in Refineries, Coal Mines, Chemical, Petrochemical Plants.