WCJ03 Water/Air Cooled Housing

WCJ03 Water/Air Cooled Housing (HT)

Material of Construction :
  • SS sheets of 10, 14 & 19 SWG in 304 grade Nozzles, Pipes, in SS 304 grade,
  • Rubber Hose for Water & Air circulation suitable for Water and Air Pressure up to 4.5Kg/cm2.
  • Rubber Hoses in ½” &¼” to withstand Temperature up to 120º C (See attached table below)
  • Air Purging System Nozzle is provided.
  • Toughened glass 150 MM Dia. X 10 mm thick
  • Gasket on front & rear flanges between the BODY and the Covers.
  • Degree of Protection IP: 65 as per IS: 13947 (part-I) 1993
  • Cable Entry from rear flange Cover is provided.


Ambient Temp. in ºC Where WCJ is installed Temp. In ºC inside housing
Input Water Temp.ºC
{Area 1}    120 Up to     40 Less than 5
{Area 2}    100 Up to     40 Less than 15
{Area 3}     80 Up to     40 Less than 20
{Area 4}     65 Up to     45 Maximum   30

Overall Dimensions:

Front 220 mm X Rear 220mm X Over all Length 550 mm
Inner shell Ø150-mm, Mid Shell Ø 190–mm,
Height from the Ground level 250mm

We are offering following with the Air/Water cooled Housing

  • WATER/AIR Cooled Housing in SS 304 Grade for ambient temperature up to 120Deg.
  • Centigrade IP: 65 protection.
  • Air purging arrangement, with maximum pressure of 2.5KG/CM2.
  • Provided with the WATER/AIR cooled housing are Inlet, Outlet Hoses and Air Hose attached to Air Purging Nozzle.
  • Digital Temperature Indicator along with Temperature Sensor. This will Monitor Temperature inside the Cooled Housing. This is set at 40 Deg. Cent.