HG-100 Humidity Generator

Product Description

This unique instrument provides an air or nitrogen stream of desired relative humidity and is designed to easily integrate with other laboratory instruments. The Model HG-100 is a compact, portable, bench-top instrument, allowing for convenient set-up and effective operation via simple manual procedures or optionally controlled by computer. It can be flexibly used at various locations within the research laboratory to provide a preset air or nitrogen stream of desired %RH to a wide range of target systems. These include laboratory instruments such as X-ray diffractometers, TGA, TMA, DMA, atomic force microscopes, nano-materials testing equipment, calorimeters, micro-calorimeters and laboratory apparatus such as glove boxes and environmental chambers.

Instrument Details

• The HG-100 is factory calibrated using a NIST traceable dew point analyzer
• Insulated enclosure within the HG-100 insures key evaporator components are held at desired constant temperature
• All connections are 1/4” (6 mm) Swagelock fittings
• External automatic water reservoir uses gravity-fed technique and has no moving parts
• HG-100 has a footprint of 9” wide x 13” deep with height of 9”
• Additional space is required for optional computer. Complete facilities/utilities requirements are provided with the instrument

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