L81-I (STA Simultaneous Thermal Analysis)

Product Description

The LINSEIS L81-I (Simultaneous Thermal Analysis) is designed as a top loading Thermobalance, providing excellent drift stability, a robust design and highest TG and DSC/DTA reproducibility. All measuring systems are easily user exchangeable to ensure quick and simple system handling. The broad selection of furnaces (optional turntable) ranging from -150°C up to 2400°C and the large sample mass of up to 25g/3ml are unique features of this system.

The balance design can provide high vacuum (10E-5mbar), inert, reducing, flowing or humidified atmosphere. Corrosive conditions can be analyzed with proper precautions. The system is capable of adapting residual gas analysis systems using an optional heated capillary.

Because of the vacuum tight design of the instrument, static and dynamic atmospheres are possible. An optional gas control box and a vacuum pump can be connected.

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