PS Analytical: PSA 10.54X

Product Description

As most natural gas installations are built to order and have to meet particular requirements, the PSA Online Natural Gas systems are similarly specifically engineered to customer requirements for both measurement and control facilities for the measurement of mercury in natural gas.

Mercury in Natural gas is of concern as it is both highly toxic with detrimental effects on the environment, and can cause potentially catastrophic damage to Natural gas and Petrochemical installations.

To avoid any potential damage, companies install mercury removal systems to ensure the important parts of the plant are protected. Periodic measurements of the outlets of these removal systems need to be made to ensure they are operating efficiently. The inlet concentrations also need to be checked to ensure the expected life of the removal bed is met.

As these measurements are critical, the frequency of measurement needs to be high therefore the preferred method of obtaining this data is by using online instruments. Similarly at LNG terminals, gas tanker ships want fast turnaround times, so again, online instrumentation offering fast and automatic measurements are preferred.

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