RH-200 Relative Humidity

Product Description

The Model RH-200 RH Generator is a fully automated, compact and portable bench-top instrument which easily and quickly interfaces with other laboratory systems to provide a specified constant flow of gas at a precision-controlled relative humidity.
This unique instrument is designed for fully automated operation via user’s computer or a computer provided by L&C as an option. Complete software is provided by L&C and all required computer hardware specifications are detailed. The RH-200 is a compact, benchtop instrument, allowing for convenient set-up and operation. It can be flexibly used at various locations within the research laboratory to provide a precise air or nitrogen stream of desired %RH to a wide range of target systems. These include laboratory instruments such as X-ray diffractometers, TGA, TMA, DMA, atomic force microscopes, nano-materials testing equipment, calorimeters, micro-calorimeters and laboratory apparatus such as glove boxes and environmental chambers.

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