Guha Laboratories

SG Instuments Pvt. Ltd. Was incorporated in the year 1996 and had initiated to build a focused organization in high technology innovative new systems for the Indian research community. Since then we steadily grew in strength and have developed ourselves with an ability to provide effective support system for both the customers as well as overseas manufacturers. The real challenge is our effectiveness to provide quality knowledge. With our increasing customer base and our affinity to learn more from each new installation we are able to provide impeccable support on behalf of our principals. We would be very pleased to have an opportunity to work with you to contribute to your research aim.

Analytical Instruments in our Laboratory

Exoid TRPS Particle Characterization(Simultaneous Size, Concentration and Zeta Potential)


DSC (Chip-DSC 10)

STA (STA PT 1600)



What We Can Do?

  • Simultaneous Particle Size, Concentration And Zeta Potential Analysis Of Nanoparticles In Suspension Between 40 nm To 10 µm with Izon Science TRPS-Based Particle Size Distribution & Zeta Potential Analyzer (Exoid)
  • Modulated DSC measurement from RT to 600°Cwith Linseis Thermal Analysis Chip-DSC 10
  • Thermal Conductivity, Diffusivity and Specific Heat Measurements withLinseis Thermal Analysis Transient Hot Bridge (THB-100) at Room Temperature.
  • Linear Thermal Expansion (∆L), Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion (α), Relative Thermal Expansion (% ∆L) with Linseis Thermal Anlaysis L75 Dilatometer (RT to 1000°C)
  • Rapid DSC measurements with Linseis Thermal Analysis Chip-DSC 10(RT to 600°C)- Melting point, Tg, Cold-Crystallization temperature, Enthalpy, OIT analysis, etc
  • TGA analysis from RT to 1500°C With NITROGEN Gas ONLY
  • Linseis Thermal Analysis STA PT1600for Mass Loss, Heat Flow Vs Temp with Nitrogen Gas Only

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