Seebeck Coefficient measurement system

Product Description

The Thermal power, thermoelectric power, or Seebeck coeffifi cient of a material measures the magnitude of an induced thermoelectric voltage in response to a temperature difference across that material. The thermal power has units of (V/K).

In recent years much interest has been shown in various methods of direct conversion of heat into electricity. Waste heat from hot engines and combustion systems could save billions of dollars if it could be captured and converted into electricity via thermoelectric devices. For this challenging application Linseis has developed a characteristic evaluating instrument for these materials and devices; the LSR -3 “Linseis – Seebeck & Electric Resistivity Unit”. General Description The LSR

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    Model LSR
    Temperature range-100°C up to +500°C and RT up to 800°C,
    Rt up to 1100°C, Rt up to 1500°C
    Measurement methodSeebeck coeffi cient: Static dc method
    Electric resistance: Four-terminal method
    Specimen holderSandwiched between two electrodes
    Atmosphereinert, oxid., red., vac.
    Sample size2 to 4 mm square or diameter × 6 to 22mm long max.
    Lead interval4,6,8 mm
    Space requirementsapprox. (W) 145 x (D) 70 cm
    Cooling waterrequired