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Product Description

Physical properties from thin-films are becoming more and more important in industries such as, phase-change optical disk media, thermoelectric materials, light emitting diodes (LEDs), phase change memories, flat panel displays, and the semiconductor industry. All these industries deposit a film on a substrate in order to give a device a particular function. Since the physical properties of these films differ from bulk material, these data are required for many different applications.

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    Model Thin Film Analyser
    Temperature range RT up to 280°C -170°C up to 280°C
    Sample thickness from only a few nm to µm range (depends on sample)
    Measurement principle chip based (pre structured measurement chips, 24 pcs. per box)
    Despositiontechiques include: PVD (sputtering, evaporation), ALD, spin coating, ink-jet printing and more
    Measured parameters Thermal Conductivity (3 Omega) Specific Heat
    Optional Seebeck Coefficient Electrical Resisitivity / Conductivity Hall Constant / Mobility / Charge carrier conc. permanent magnet 0.5 T or electromagnet up to 1 T
    Vacuum up to 10 -5 bar
    Electronics Integrated
    Interface USB