Thin Film Laser Flash Analyser (TF-LFA)

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    Model TF-LFA
    Temperature range RT RT up to 500°C -100°C up to 500°C
    Pump-Laser Nd:YAG Lase
    Maximum Impulse current: 90mJ/Impuls (software controlled)
    Pulsewidth 8 ns
    Probe-Laser CW DPSS-Laser (473 nm), 2mW
    Photoreceiver Si-PIN-Photodiode, active diameter: 0.8 mm, bandwidth DC … 400MHz, risetime: 1ns
    Measuring range 0.01 mm2/s bis 1000 mm2/s
    Sample diameter round samples ∅ 10…20 mm
    Sample thickness 80 nm up to 20 µm
    Atmospheres inert, oxidizing, reducing
    Vacuum up to 10E-4mbar
    Electronics Integrated
    Interface USB