Flameproof Enclosure for CCTV Camera Model-KH04

Flameproof Washer Unit for CCTV Camera in India

Flameproof Enclosure for CCTV Camera Model-KH04

Cat No. KK/CCTV/B/102
Drg No. CCTV/B/2004
Gas Group: IIA, IIB for Zone-2


Product Description:
Explosion proof, Flameproof, Weatherproof Enclosure for CCTV Camera and Lens is used for CCTV camera & lens in potentially hazardous areas for monitoring desired views. This enclosure can be used for potentially hazardous areas where gases under Gas Groups IIA and IIB are present.

The material of construction is Aluminum Alloy Casting LM 6. temperature class T6. The enclosure has a platform inside on which the camera and Lens can be mounted.

Suitable for potentially explosive areas mentioned above of Refineries, Coal Mines, Chemical, Petrochemical Plants, Iron and Steel Industries and Shipping Industries.

Dimensions :

Length 529 MM
Rear Flange Diameter 173 MM
Front Flange Diameter 173 MM
Height  192 MM
Base Plate 180 MM x 182 MM
Weight 7 Kg