WP94 Weatherproof Housing For Camera

Weatherproof CCTV Camera Housing in India

WCJ03 Water/Air Cooled Housing

Weatherproof Enclosure in Aluminum Casting is designed for housing CCTV Camera & Lens. The CCTV camera & lens are installed on the platform provided inside the enclosure. Wiper Enclosure is mounted over the main enclosure. The wiper is used for cleaning the Glass of Main Enclosure when visibility through the camera is poor. Wiper will operate only when the solenoid Valve is operated and water is sprinkled on the Glass of the main enclosure. There is a provision for heater and Blower kit which is thermostatically controlled to maintain proper Temperature inside main enclosure whenever ambient Temperature is below 10ºC to avoid formation of mist and hence poor visibility.


The whole assembly is covered by a canopy to prevent it from heating due to sunstroke when installed outdoor.


Indian Standards to which Enclosure complies in respect of Weatherproof Construction : IS:IEC 60529 (2001)
IP : 65

Construction :

Main Enclosure Main enclosure , Front Cover, Rear Cover with Platform, Wiper Enclosure in Aluminium Casting, Canopy in Aluminium Sheet Toughened Glass 8 mm Thick 130 mm Ø
Cable Entries 2-nos of ½” or ¾” NPT / ½” or ¾” ET
Heater Blower Kit Heater 10 Watts, Blower Fan3”, Thermostat for adjusting Temperature, installed on the platform of the main enclosure. Voltage 240V. 50Hz.
Wiper Closure Enclosure, front & rear covers in Aluminium Casting Wiper Motor 240V. AC 50Hz. With Gears & shaft
Cable Entries 1 cable entry ½” or ¾” NPT /ET at rear side of the enclosure

Overall Dimensions :

Main Enclosure 588 mm (Length) X 350 mm (Height) X 248mm (Width) mounted with canopy, length 788 mm length Wiper enclosure
Weight 12 Kg
Finish Off White
Solenoid Valve Supply Voltage 240V. 50 Hz. Connections
Input/Output- ½” BSP
Medium of use – Water

Heater Blower kit is installed as per the requirement and tested for its working and found to be in working condition.

Geared Wiper motor is tested for its operation and parking at one place when mounted at on the main enclosure. It is found to be working in order.

When supply is on the Solenoid valve gets actuated and water from the Tank gets sprayed on the Front Glass of the Main Enclosure. This will clean the glass with the help of wiper. The functional Test found to be working satisfactorily.