WCJ03 Water/Air Cooled Housing

WCJ03 Water/Air Cooled Housing

Material of Construction: SS sheets of 10, 14 & 19 SWG in 304 grade Nozzles, Pipes, in SS 304 grade,
Rubber Hose for Water & Air circulation suitable for Water and Air Pressure up to 4.5Kg/cm2. Rubber Hoses in ½” &¼” to withstand Temperature up to 120º C (See attached table below)
Air Purging System Nozzle is provided.
Toughened glass 150 MM Dia. X 10 mm thick
Gasket on front & rear flanges between the BODY and the Covers.
Degree of Protection IP: 65 as per IS: 13947 (part-I) 1993
Cable Entry from rear flange Cover is provided.

Ambient Temp. in ºC Where WCJ is installed Temp. Inside
Input Water Temp.ºC
{Area 1} 120 Up to 40 Less than 5
{Area 2} 100 Up to 40 Less than 15
{Area 3} 80 Up to 40 Less than 20
{Area 4} 65 Up to 40 Less than 30

Overall Dimensions :
Front 220 mm X Rear 220mm X Overall Length 550 mm
Inner shell Ø150-mm, Mid Shell Ø 190–mm
Height from the Ground level 250mm


We are offering the following with the Air/Water cooled Housing
WATER/AIR Cooled Housing in SS 304 Grade for ambient temperature up to 120Deg. Centigrade
IP: 65 protection.
Air purging arrangement, with a maximum pressure of 2.5KG/CM2.
Provided with the WATER/AIR cooled housing are Inlet, Outlet Hoses and Air Hose attached to Air Purging Nozzle.
Digital Temperature Indicator along with Temperature Sensor. This will Monitor Temperature inside the Cooled Housing. This is set at 40 Deg. Cent.