Washer Unit Model: Kwu-12

Washer Unit For Cctv Camera Enclosure

BILL OF MATERIAL OF KWU 12 Date -16/09/2020
1. Flameproof Motor for Gas Group-IIC , Zone -1 & 2,
Rating: 0.5HP, 1-Phase 240V. 50Hz.
Induction Motor : RPM 1440.
AS per ISIEC: 60079-Part1 (2007) EX “d”
IP: 55 as per IS/IEC: 60529 (2001)
Certified by CIMFR (formerly known as CMRI) and PESO (formerly knopwn as CCOE)
2. Water Pump:
Pump Make: B.E. Pumps Model: AD 121 0K/Other suitable Model with Self Priming.
Suction & Delivery Branches -25 mm each reduced to 12.5 mm. Maximum Head -10 Mtrs.
Discharge: 5 Liters per minute
Motor: 0.5 HP
3. SS Water tank of 10 Liters capacity. SS Grade-316(L)
Length -600mm x Diameter (Ø) 300mm
Input Water from top ½” socket/pipe, Output from ½” pipe.
With Water Isolation and Water Pressure Reducer device and Ball cock.
4. SS -316(L) ½” size water pipe of 10 Meters Length with accessories from to Camera End.
5. SS connecting pipes between pump and Tank. Capacity- 10 Liters.SS Grade-304
Rubber Hose of 3 meters Length from Pump SS pipe output to Enclosure SS pipe.
6. SS -316(L) -Spray nozzle and fixing straps of the CCTV camera enclosure.
7. FRP Enclosure for entire washer unit as per G.A. Drawing .