Weatherproof m.s. Enclosure with inbuilt ir for cctv camera & lens

Weatherproof m.s. Enclosure for cctv camera & lens.

Material of Construction: M.S. CRCA sheets of 16, 20, 18 SWG
Toughened Glass 100 mm Ø Diameter, clear in vision.
Finish: Diamond White Powder coated
DIMENSIONS: 400(L) X 160 Ø (DIAMETER) x 180(Height from the ground level)
BASE DIMENSIONS: 170 X 170 ( All dimensions are in millimetres)

The enclosure is mounted on the Mounting Bracket which has manual Panning and Tilting facility to adjust the camera position at site at proper position.

Material of Construction: M.S. CRCA Sheets of 12 SWG, 10SWG & 50mm Square pipe.
Dimensions OF MOUNTING BRACKET: 450mm (Length) x Box size [ 170mm x 170mm x 150mm(H)] Mounting Frame of Bracket 250mm x 250mm
Finish: Diamond White Powder Coated.